Mr. Whale - CryptoWhale CEO

Mr. Whale is the CEO and Founder of DigiWhales, which is a popular NFT project which raises money through uniquely designed Whale images, and donates the proceeds to #TeamSeas charity to help clean the oceans.

Mr. Whale has garnered a massive following of nearly 400,000+ followers across many social platforms. With content including market analysis, recent crypto news, contrarian insights, memes, and red flags, Mr. Whale has been a very important figure for many in the crypto community.

After Investing in the traditional financial markets over the last few decades, Mr. Whale has been through both bull and bear cycles many times, with lots of success. To help others on their journey, the access to free educational content, and market insights has uplifted the community. 

Our main objective is to provide investors with a key balance in navigating the risky and speculative markets. By taking a realistic and contrarian approach, we aim to share a unique, ethical, and valuable voice.

Mr. Whale - Social Media Links

Twitter: @CryptoWhale

Reddit: @CryptoMrWhale

Instagram: @MrCryptoWhale