WhaleWire Predictions

In an effort to keep track of our predictions over the years, we will be displaying them on this web page periodically.

In Early 2020, WhaleWire was bearish before the COVID-19 outbreak even started. Dozens of tweets were shared urging people to take caution.

Here is some analysis:



After the mega-crash, we noticed lots of bullish patterns in the markets. We took the contrarian stance of becoming bullish.

We predicted the 2020 Bull Run following the March 2020 COVID-19 crash.

Despite all of the fear in Crypto, Mr. Whale was calling for us to surge well-beyond all-time highs. 

WhaleWire again predicting the 2020 Bull Run following the March 2020 COVID-19 crash, which sent global markets tanking to new lows.

More tweets:




After several months of a heavily manipulated bull rally, we also predicted the peak of Bitcoin in dozens of tweets. Here are a few more:




WhaleWire calling for another final bull trap / dead cat bounce. This narrative was pushed for several months, and despite becoming true, was mocked by critics.

The dead cat bounce did in fact happen, and Whale was right. 


WhaleWire predicting the 2022 Bear Market Continuation, and massive crash from 69K to under 16K in the span of a few months.

More tweets that predicted this include:





WhaleWire again issuing multiple warnings that the bull trap pattern was in effect, and that we would be falling much lower.



WhaleWire flipping bullish, and telling people we would bounce at 16K. This comes as most moon boys flipped bearish and urged their followers to short at the bottom.

Despite CryptoWhale being suspended, we used our alt account to predict the bull rally to 30K.

This rally was much-needed as we had low-liquidity, and whales needed more room to sell. The pump to 30K delayed the 2022 10K targets, however, that is expected in 2023. Stay tuned.