NOTE: This is a lengthy article, but will cover many of the slander attempts, accusations, and lies being spread about me by maximalist scammers. I highly recommend that everyone reads this and shares it online. Full transparency is so important in this space, which is why I’ve decided to write this.

Bitcoin Maximalists are self-proclaimed “BTC supporters” who carry extremist views, and disregard all other opinions, thoughts, or ideas.The reason I say ‘self-proclaimed’ is because, at the core, these individuals stand for censorship, hate, greed, and manipulation, everything Satoshi Nakamoto designed Bitcoin to counter in the traditional financial markets.

For the record, when I say Bitcoin maximalists, I’m not referring to all bulls. Most of my followers are bullish, and my respect isn’t at all dependant on someone’s sentiments on the market. No one, including myself, is ever 100% right. This is why I always encourage hearing both sides.

When I first started Investing in Crypto in 2013, I was extremely bullish and optimistic about Bitcoin’s long-term growth. During those years, I received almost no criticism from the BTC community.

As the prices grew rapidly, the greed and flawed personality traits of many community members became more transparent. The parasitic cult and group-think mentality grew almost as fast as Bitcoin, which made me seriously concerned about the path it was heading. After finally changing my long-term sentiment to bearish after several long years, I discovered a strong and abhorrent resistance from many hardcore Bitcoin maximalists.

Over the last several months, I’ve received lots of hate online through various slander attempts, misleading claims, fake photoshopped tweets, and flat-out conspiracy theories with absolutely no substance. While I personally take no offense to any of it and find it pretty hilarious, I’ve always been an advocate for the truth, hence why I’m writing this article, to debunk all of the lies.

Bitcoin Maximalists Love Fake Stuff.

Everything about a Bitcoin maximalist is fake.

They’re in love with their fake fiat counterfeit scam (Tether) which props up Bitcoin, are always pushing fake rumors about their critics, and promoting fake news whenever they want the markets to flip green.

Bitcoin Magazine News: Manipulative + Fake News

One prominent example of fake news is Bitcoin magazine. Here I will highlight the tiny deceptive tactics that are often overlooked, and aimed at deceiving the public, in order to pump their bags (and eventually dump them on late retail)

This verified “Bitcoin news source” shared a picture of a Bitcoin clothing store in Barcelona, Spain, then tried claiming it was located in El Salvador. They wanted viewers to think Bitcoin adoption was flourishing and being accepted in El Salvador, despite the complete opposite happening.

Hundreds of protests and riots have been breaking out across the country, the dictator jailing anyone who disagrees with him, forcing citizens to use a centralized scam wallet (where he controls everyone’s funds), blocking critics (including me), and spreading misinformation whenever possible.

The maximalists are promoting fake news almost every day, and every single time, I’ve been one of the first accounts to debunk them as fake.

Here are some of the fake headlines they invented:

  • Apple Bought $2.5 Billion USD Worth of Bitcoin (FAKE)
  • Walmart partners with Litecoin in Massive Deal (FAKE)
  • Saudi Aramco announces billion-dollar Bitcoin mining operation (FAKE)
  • Amazon accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. (FAKE)
  • Vladimir Putin Endorses Bitcoin (FAKE)
  • Russian Fund Buys $1.4 Billion worth of Bitcoin (FAKE)
  • Bitcoin to become legal tender in Brazil (FAKE)
  • Bitcoin to become legal tender in Mexico (FAKE)
  • Bitcoin to become legal tender in Paraguay (FAKE)
  • Alibaba Invests $500 million into Bitcoin (FAKE)

“Well-Known Scammer” Conspiracy Theory: All lies, No Proof.

Through my efforts in tackling the fake news, and calling out the grift that’s happening in front of ours eyes, I’ve been met with lots of pushback from obsessive maximalists, eager to silence me.

The real onslaught of hate came immediately when my account attracted eyes from around the world after Elon Musk replied to several of my tweets, including the viral one where I predicted Elon Musk would soon dump Tesla’s Bitcoin holdings after the hate he was getting from Bitcoin maxis.

Several big accounts responded to this tweet, claiming I was a “well-known scam artist” and should be “blocked immediately” — in other words, they were afraid Elon Musk would actually sell his Bitcoin and needed a scapegoat.

They felt if they could collectively push more completely falsified and unproven rumors about my account, it would discredit me. To better show how delusional their lies are, I’ve decided to share some of the ridiculous and comical replies to Elon that they made about me. (Try not to laugh!)

Notice how the conversation goes from Tesla selling Bitcoin, to “You’re replying to a scam artist! Stop it grrrr!” — They are trying to distract people from the message, and make it about me, by using made-up claims.

In the above image, we see 5 instances of hard-core Bitcoin maximalists spreading 100% false rumors. Whether they invented these fictitious claims or read them from some other false maxi source is unbeknownst to me, but a quote that always pops into my mind is: “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots”, as it perfectly describes this mob mentality.

Above, Stacy Herbert (Max Keiser’s Wife) claims that I stole over $25,000 from a 14-year-old kid that she personally knows. Not only is this claim completely and utterly made up, but it’s such a weak lie.

It brings up several questions:

  • What 14-year old kid just randomly has $25,000 laying around?
  • Why is she (age 53) friends with some random 14-year kid?
  • Where’s the proof? (This is the most important question they evade)
  • Why would someone randomly send a stranger their Bitcoin online?
  • How did I steal their funds when I’m one of the few large accounts that have never once promoted, shilled, or ran any paid crypto content (other than my inexpensive 10$ newsletter)

In the other replies, we have other scam influencers including “TheCryptoLark” trying to call me out, and of course, showing absolutely no evidence for the false rumors he’s perpetuating. This guy also peddles non-stop pump and dump schemes on his page, which is so ironic.

Don’t Trust, Verify — Why Do They Refuse to Show Proof?

With the extreme accusations they have against me, wouldn’t you think they have proof to go along with it? A total of zero victims or evidence has been coughed up over the months, which goes to show how fake this is.

Everyone who follows me knows that I’ve never once:

  • Shilled any cryptocurrencies
  • Been Involved with any promotional content
  • Given financial advice
  • Ran Pump and Dump Schemes
  • Asked people to send me Crypto
  • Ran any Paid Crypto Groups

In fact, I’ve been actively warning people to avoid that type of stuff by urging people to take profits and calling out scam influencers and coins. All my 330,000+ followers can confirm that.

“CryptoWhale has Thousands of Alt Accounts”

This is yet another ridiculous narrative that they’ve invented. Once they realized that they had absolutely no evidence of me running or being connected to any scams, they needed to find a new excuse.

It’s a way for them to expand their slander attempt to me, and others who hold a bearish sentiment. They claim that all bears on Crypto Twitter are actually run by me, and I have hundreds or thousands of alt accounts.

This specific rumor started from a maximalist named “Cryptonator”, who I made a few tweets about several months ago after I had multiple of his victims reach out to me, urging me to warn others about him, and his schemes.

I made a brief post exposing him after he ran a huge pump & dump scheme, which likely made him millions from. He’s shilled dozens of coins, but most recently, XHV, which is down 90% from where he told his followers to buy.

After I exposed him, he posted a cryptic-like thread that essentially claimed I was running hundreds of alt accounts. It’s a neat and well-constructed conspiracy, other than the fact that he shows absolutely no evidence or proof for the accusations, or can link me to any confirmed scam.

He writes it in an extremely complex way, with lots of random numbers, codes, and nonsense to make it look more intelligent, and “real”.

There is a saying that goes, “If you cannot convince them, confuse them”, this perfectly describes this hit piece on me.

They’re Now Targeting My Followers

After doing research into some of the accounts listed in his thread, I’ve noticed many don’t exist, or are simply other bearish crypto-pages. Furthermore, since this thread, they’ve also launched attacks on many of my followers, claiming their name is ‘Randy” which they claim is also me.

Basically, anyone who agrees with something I say is now “Randy”

They’ve specifically gone after my friend QuinnInvestments, and are claiming he’s also “Randy”, which is again completely false, and they refuse to show any proof for their accusations.

Anyone who follows either of us knows the only similarity we have is we are both bearish and not scammers (like the maxis). His content is also totally different from mine.

Below I’ve attached some screenshots of our conversations together, the maxis will probably say it’s photoshopped lol! Quinn is a great follow btw!

How Did They Come Up With The Name Randy?

After doing lots of research into who this “Randy” character was, I discovered an article from years ago that summarized him. It seems he was a CT member who scammed a few people in a paid group or mentorship course.

Upon digging deeper, I learned that the username of the official Randy account was noted to be (@CryptoRandyy) — If you go on their page, it’s private, but clearly being run by a maximalist & hater of mine. The bio claims that it’s my alt account (and several other people, who I have no idea are)

Take a second to think about how suspicious that sounds. They literally own the username of the account they are accusing me of running.

I also discovered another account with the username (@CryptoRandy__), which they’ve since deactivated. Using the web archive, I found tweets on their page that were also very suspicious, and clearly aimed at perpetuating a maxi-invented, and false narrative of being my alt account.

They’ve essentially used this fake Randy account to make dozens of tweets defending me, trying to speak like me, and starting fake beef with influencers in order to help further push their fake narrative against my account.

They basically used a story of a real scammer named Randy from 3–4 years ago but manipulated it into a trail of lies by creating alt accounts, photoshopping tweets, and spreading made-up accusations. It’s a genius and manipulative scheme, but only people who are extremely naive, who can’t do their own research, or are ultra-bullish, and not open-minded will fall for it.

This is all likely being done behind the scenes by a small group, but many have been manipulated into believing it’s real, which just further grows the rumor, despite absolutely no evidence of a “scam” ever being shared.

Tether Team Helps Peddle the Fake Rumors.

Whether Tether executives actually started the attacks against me is unknown, but they definitely have a central role in it. Paolo Ardoino (Tether CTO) and Stuart Hoegner (Tether lawyer) are constantly Retweeting and Engaging with threads or tweets of maxis trying to call me out with lies.

For those unaware, Tether is the largest scam in history. They’ve been printing unbacked dollars and injecting them into Bitcoin to keep its price moving upwards. This will not last forever and eventually implode as regulators such as CFTC, SEC, and the DOJ close in on them.

I’m constantly warning my followers of the risks associated with this scam company. They’ve been known to hire bots to defend them, and I would not be surprised if they’re funding the initiative against me and other Tether critics.

Here’s an article I wrote about Tether if you’re interested.

99% of Maxi’s Who “Call Me Out” Are Scammers

The funniest part about this story is how ironic it is.

Almost every single Bitcoin maximalist or moon boy that has tried to urge their followers to block me are scammers themselves.

TheCryptoMonk is a huge critic and has shilled dozens of scams throughout his time on Twitter. He and his maxi friends also engage in the pump and dump schemes which have sucked money from thousands of his followers.

After exposing him, he used the fake Randy rumors as a campaign to get his followers to block me (so they don’t see my posts). Unlike them who show no proof, I’ve shown a few screenshots of him shilling scam coins below.

Other big influencers who have tried calling me out include TheMoonCarl, and MMCrypto, which are some of the biggest Crypto Youtuber Scammers.

TheMoonCarl actually mentioned me in his video once and said I scammed him for thousands of dollars. After, he said he won’t go into detail and will talk about it later. It’s been over 6 months, and he’s never talked about it.

Once these moon boys have lured in retail with their clickbait orgasmic thumbnails or unrealistically high price targets, they shill them to death with affiliate link scams, or promote blatant pump and dump coins. Be careful.

Why Bitcoin Maximalists Hate Me?

As always, I’m about providing value for this space.

By constantly preaching the importance of risk management, emotional control, patience, and other factors, I hope to help investors become more successful on their journey in the crypto markets.

Having traded stocks for many decades, and cryptocurrencies since 2013, I’ve successfully managed many market bubbles. As this bubble is inflated with hot air from the Tether scheme, more are blindly jumping in with no acknowledgment of the potential risks associated with Bitcoin or alts.

Whether you’re bullish or bearish, I hope everyone can find success in the crypto markets. While I’m not always right about my predictions, there is immense value in hearing all perspectives. I will always continue to share insights & contrarian analysis to help maintain a balance.

I’ve written a 100+ page free crypto investing handbook, which carries no bias and only teaches investors about fundamental lessons in this space.

In addition, I’ve written lengthy threads on providing investors with advice in managing their emotions, market analysis, how to survive a bear market, avoiding shitcoins, avoiding scammers, and other essential tips.

In what world does this “Randy” conspiracy fit in with the fact that I’ve only shared beneficial content to the community. I’ve never shilled anything, never promoted any scams, never given financial advice, never told people to open a certain position, or have never been involved with any sort of grift. This is the narrative they want people to believe so they can further sell you their $3000 paid group scams, fake news, and pump and dump schemes.

The accusations are stemmed from tribalism, and their inability to be open-minded, they can’t handle seeing a big account like me expose the corrupted and flawed system which only hurts the little guy. We go against their scams and lies, which is why they’re so eager on taking us down.

The community is, fortunately, starting to see through their lies.

Thank you for Reading.

I have so much support on here, and I’m not worried at all by the haters. Their endless desperation to silence anyone who speaks the truth, or thinks differently than them only motivates me to po st more content for you all.

This article is meant to provide clarity to the many false rumors being spread in the maxi eco-chambers. Don’t Trust, Verify.